Thursday, September 27, 2007

So... sleepy...

While the pills have me feeling better generally and getting more sleep, I'm still exhausted. Just so, so tired.


Supposed to be working but all I can get the energy to do is browse the internet looking for info on new games.


Andy Latham said...

I Hear ya

Bitter Animator said...

And there was me thinking nobody reads blogs except me. I'm going to have to say nice things about people in case they stop by.

Thanks for the visit!

Andy Latham said...

Well if I'm not your first reader, I'm glad to be your first commenter!

I hope you don't mind me saying that it's interesting to hear about an animator suffering with depression. We usually hear of them being constantly happy folk! I'd be interested to see any animation you have done.

My brother suffers from depression, so I can empathise with what you go through a little.

Bitter Animator said...

Hi Andy,
I'd love to show you some animation and I'll see what I can do. Although the main reason I didn't go all out and use my name is for the anonimity it brings. It may seem a little weak hiding behind an internet username but, with the business being what it is, I have to wear a big smile and be as professional as possible during my working life. I simply couldn't say what's on my mind if I used my own name. So, for that reason, it will be rare if I ever post any of my commercial work.

I'm no great animator anyway so you're not missing much!

Hope your brother's doing okay with his depression.

Anonymous said...

good post!!thanks