Monday, August 24, 2009

The most important part of the day

I'm beginning to notice a pattern. It's really rather simple. If I have a nice smooth journey into work, passing any traffic and having good luck with the lights, I am more likely to have a better day.

The journey into work is setting the tone for my whole day.

Now some days I wake up exhausted and, on those days, things are tough anyway but a good journey in can make all the difference and goes a long way towards improving how that day will play out. I do notice that the person who gets on my little bike can be quite a dramatically different person to the one who gets off it on the other end.

Those of you who have been reading the blog a long time might remember my posts about waiting at bus stops. Well, those days are over. Man, those were soul-destroying times. Waiting for buses that never turned up or went by full can absolutely destroy a day. Of course it wasn't all bad - I miss the time just sitting listening to music. But, overall, going to work on my little bike is a thousand times better.

I wonder if there are any other early morning changes I could make that would contribute towards a better day?


susan said...

Bitter! You look very good on that bike- what is it-a Harley? A Vespa?

Things that make me happy in the morning- toasting a bagel, cup of coffee. Watching the sunrise. A nice shower- without one of the neighbors stealing all the hot water from the apartment water heater.

The other thing that makes me do the happy dance- driving and noticing gas (petrol) has gone down in price. And where I live- you don't have to pump it. That makes me very, very happy.

When I was well enough to work, I had a family picture on my desk. That too, made me happy.

Andy Latham said...

A great song coming on the radio in the car helps my day get better, especially if I break the morning misery by singing along.

Talking passionately about something to people also helps. I tend to make a cup of tea when I get to work and spend just a few minutes talking about films or animation or whatever to my colleagues. As long as the conversation steers clear of work gripes then I tend to be in a good mood.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Congrats on your new scooter. Pity you can (or rather shouldn't) listen to music on the iPod while riding it.

My daily commute is turning more soul-sucking with each passing month. There's construction detours and jams everywhere, and there are times when you feel you're going to be crushed between two massive trailer trucks. Fighting with other drivers for every meter you advance is completely exhausting. And the thoughts that pop out of my head during those moments make me VERY grateful that I don't like in the US, where getting a semi-automatic rifle is easier than getting a Moccachino Venti @ Starbucks.

So yeah, listening to music and singing do help. Unfortunately my radio broke down and now it sounds like I'm having a geiger counter inside my car reading the gamma radiation expelled by my body as my rage begins to pile up.


Bitter Animator said...

Susan, it's pretty much a no-name scooter from Eastern Europe somewhere. Cheap and cheerful.

I wish I had got it years ago. It's so handy around town.

RPJ, you have no burned the Hulk image into my mind on what you look like. When I see your screen name, I will think green.