Monday, February 8, 2010

Eagerly awaiting my return

This blog was dormant for a while and all was quiet. But as soon as I started posting again, the spammers were drawn here. I like to think of them as spambots because it helps me to believe that actual human beings aren't spending their time spreading shit that nobody wants to read on places it should never be.

Real human beings with any sort of conscience or decency wouldn't do that, would they?

Of course not. But those dirty rotten spambots! Well, they aren't programmed to feel guilt. Their evil Ming the Merciless-like overlords know that even the slightest hint of a conscience chip in there would render them unable to carry out their evil tasks.

You know what I'd like? Loving spambots.

They'd clutter up your inbox and your blog comments with random crap that you haven't asked for, just as they do now. But, instead, the messages would be along the lines of - You're a very special person. We love you. We know how hard you're working and really appreciate the contribution you're making to humanity.

That sort of thing.

But no, I get some gobshite trying to sell boots.


Gregor Nekdo said...

I'm still waiting for you to make some insightful commentaries, whilst sitting here, in front of a mac, making sure i get some close up sync up with the wide shots.

Aren't there some Spambot blockers provided by blogger or by some third party?

Andy Latham said...

My spam tends to come in Chinese, so at least I'm oblivious as to what it is saying!

susan said...

I thought you were talking about BOOTs the chemist.

I like that store. I wish they had them across the pond.

Red Pill Junkie said...

He, I like that idea of loving spambots sending feel-good messages across the web. With all those brilliant idiots trying to come up with newer and nastier computer viruses, why wouldn't at least one try to come up with something that's a benefit for millions of strangers they won't meet in person?

Oh, sure: We have Wikipedia, Linux, Youtube. But those are the exception rather than the rule.

Scorrigan Corrigan said...

I think thats brilliant with the spam affirmations. I bet someone at boing boing would do that for you!