Monday, January 25, 2010


That's an old image by the way but one I just hadn't posted before. Probably because it's not very good but, hey, it gives you something to look at, eh?

Man, it's busy right now. Times being what they are, that's a good thing but (and I mentioned this on the blog last year) things will dry up early this year.

And then things get exciting and scary. I have so many different directions - that's exciting. None guaranteed or even highly likely to lead to an actual income. Scary. I am lucky to have a safety net with a project up next but without much of a role for me. Sort of a consultation role - which usually means very close to unemployed but not close enough that I can't live.

So I guess it's not all that scary at all.

The real scares come with the idea that I have to push myself forward and choose a direction. CHOOSE YOUR FIGHTER, as some fighting game might say. But I choose Dhalsim because he breathes fire but then realise I can't handle his ridiculous hang time. And then I'm well and truly buggered, aren't I?

I could have chosen Ryu or Ken but that's boring. Safe. For people stuck in a rut. Well, I've quite enjoyed my rut. Right now, I'm spamming Hadokens all over the place. And it's great.

But soon, Ryu and Ken will be off the roster. I'm going to have to pick someone else.

That's a bit of a confused thought and will lose any of you not familiar with Street Fighter. Mostly, what I'm getting at is this - I began last year working on a tough project, with the promise of one I really wanted. This year, I begin the year on that project I wanted. When you got what you wanted and know it will end, what then?


susan said...

Weird. I was always Chun Lee (spelling?) when I played Street Fighter. .....

Glad to see you blogging again my friend.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I always sucked at Street Fighter :(

"This year, I begin the year on that project I wanted. When you got what you wanted and know it will end, what then?"

You give it everything you've got.

Don't hold back. Invest all your quarters in it.

Try your best to get your initials on the Best Scores list.

Andy Latham said...

As a wise man once told me, make the best damn beer you can ;)

lol I hope you remember saying that or I'll look like a right fool!