Thursday, January 21, 2010

Guess who is still alive?

It's me, that's who.

Wow, it's dusty in here. Are those cobwebs?

I've been busy. My head has been full, occupied and yet often quiet, which is nice. It's 2010. Still no flying cars or robot butlers. What is this? The stone age? Eh?

There are a few emails I haven't responded to. I'll get to those, but I just dropped off the internet for a while. I'm slowly climbing back on to it again. The internet, I mean.


Brian Sibley said...

Welcome back!

Andy Latham said...

Glad you're getting back on your feet Bitter! What did we all do before the internet?!

Hope you're having a great 2010 so far :)

susan said...

Oh Bitter! You are Back!


Happy New Year to you, Astro Andy, and the rest of the crew....

Red Pill Junkie said...

Man, that was one hell of a LOOONG slumber, vato! ;)

Bienvenido de vuelta.

PS: No jetpacks, true. But NASA has just said the future's here; and the future has the shape of a one-man electric plane.

Bitter Animator said...

Thanks for the messages! I'm amazed how fast you guys knew I had posted again. Some kind of feed thing? For someone who started on the internet back before there were any such thing as websites, I'm oddly behind.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"Thanks for the messages! I'm amazed how fast you guys knew I had posted again."

Well, that's what my NSA buddies are for :-P