Friday, December 24, 2010

Is that a faint smile?

It's Christmas!

Hope everyone who has made their way to this fairly inactive blog has a wonderful Christmas! Or whatever holidays you celebrate. Or don't. It's fine just to wish you some wonderful days, I think. Happy Friday and Saturday all!

Unless you don't recognise the traditional week and then it all gets quite difficult.

I think it's been both a great and crappy year for the world overall. Great in that whole systems fell apart economically revealing the fragility and sustainability of systems based on bullshit, truths were revealed that we all suspected and the world has fewer lies today than it did this time last year. Crappy because the worst we suspected has been confirmed and very few seem to be bothered to do anything about it. So the world is a bit more apathetic and hypocritical than this time last year.

But, hey... there's always 2011! The year people take the world back? Or at least consider it? Let's hope so.

Between now and then, however, take the time off. Let yourself off the hook. The world's ills are not your ills. Let them go for a while. And have a lovely holiday time with friends and family. Just enjoy it.

Happy Christmas all!

Oh, but if you do find yourself dwelling on the world, please consider making a donation to the defense fund of Bradley Manning, the soldier suspected of leaking confidential documents. He is being treated hideously and is being punished without even a verdict yet. If he is innocent, he needs all the help he can get. If he is guilty, well... if he is guilty, the man is a hero, putting his conscience above blind orders and has done the world a favour. Either way, he needs support. I have donated and wish Bradley Manning as happy a Christmas as he can possibly have under the conditions he is being kept in.


susan said...

Dear Bitter,

Happy Christmas to you and yours. So glad you are wearing pants for the holiday (LOL). I shudder to think what you would normally be wearing.

Now you need to sit on that sofa, with the remote in one hand and the other one in a typical Al Bundy pose.
Preferably with a brewski on the end table within reach.

Of course, if you don't celebrate Christmas, you can always celebrate a belated Festivus!

susan said...


This year wasn't 100 percent bad. Looking back the Chilean miners inspired.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Good thing you remember Manning. With Assange getting all the attention due to his unstoppable womanizing, hardly anyone remembers the guy who actually leaked the documents to Wikileaks!

The best thing about 2010? That it's almost over!! ;)

But yeah, I do hope we get a respite in 2011 before Nibiru/the solar flare/Kukulcan wipes us all out in 2012 :-P

Feliz Navidad!

tracy said...

Loving the cartoon...that could be me...if it were a female! Thank you!

Andy Latham said...

I suppose all the crap in the world should at least get us to enjoy the few good things we have - time with the family.

Of course that depends on which family you have! :P

Bitter Animator said...

Thanks for the kind words and wishes. Hope you all had a great Christmas/holiday. 2011 has not yet been written. I'm still hoping for some things.

Yeah, Andy - depends on your family! With the odd exception and, in spite of a strange tendency towards drama I have no part in, I'm actually pretty lucky when it cones to family.