Thursday, December 9, 2010

Where is the reaction to Wikileaks?

No, I don't mean hailing Julian Assange as the new messiah or, alternatively, calling for him to be murdered in cold blood. I mean, beyond the weird Cult of Assange thing that's going on.

Wikileaks, for a large part, isn't telling us stuff we hadn't already suspected. You could go as far as to say that most of it we already knew. But there's 'knowing' something and it going on somewhere far away and maybe it's real and maybe it's not, and there's 'knowing' something as in it is out there in the open and in your face. Wikileaks is making the former into the latter.

And, for me, it pretty much makes the entire Western world a hideous place of hypocrisy, lies and heinous crimes.

In our name.

They are our governments. Our corporations. We live in their countries. We buy their products. We work for them. They pay our wages and we pay their taxes. We support it. And now we can't even pretend not to know about it. We are now accomplices if we do not make a stand.

And I find it hilarious that some condemn Wikileaks for this. Call for them to be shut down. Call for the death of Assange. Really? Calling for someones death because they had the balls to get the truth out there?! Because they got your crimes out in the open? Because they make it harder for you to pretend this shit doesn't happen. Makes a mockery of every working day in the Western world. Freedom? Nope, we don't have that. Morals? Not a fucking chance. We'll make people disappear and torture them with no problem. Funny too that a big deal was made of that one German who was taken and held without trial or due process because it turned out he was the wrong guy. Even if he was the right guy, it's STILL WRONG!

And I say a big deal was made of it but only within the limited press reporting on the leaks.

No arrests have been made. Except for Jesus 2, Julian Assange, who I'm really suspect about altogether but that's a separate issue. Where is the real reaction? The outrage? The arrests for crimes that have come out in the open with these cables?

Where is the reaction?

As far as I'm concerned, these leaks simply make real what most of us suspected. And what that does is make a complete mockery of the Western world. Not just the US. Every country. Hell, not even just the Western world. The whole thing. It's a mess. A complete utter joke. These governments have outlived their usefulness. The corporations should be torn down. This entire society should be allowed to fall apart so it can build something new.

Something better.

For the people. Not for the money. Not for politics. Not for pure evil. For the people.

Just the people.


Jonimations said...

Hello. I recently started following your blog as I found your drawings to be inspiring for me (with the new one as no exception!) :)
But on this post, I am so glad you've made this point. I agree with absolutely everything and have recently found this "alternative" society you're talking about called The Venus Project. You've probably heard of it, due to the way you finished the post. So what do you think of it? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Jonathan

Bitter Animator said...

Hi Jonathan,
Thanks for the comment and the kind words! I must admit I hadn't heard of the Venus Project (and, from the sounds of it, I probably should have!). Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'm going to have a good read up on it and will let you know what I think.


Jonimations said...

Hi! Well i'm glad I could bring it to your attention. Like I say I only recently discovered it myself so i blogged about it. Some extra vids to watch when you fancy it: =)

Red Pill Junkie said...

My tinfoil-hat-wearing comrades and I haven't stopped talking about Assange; which is kind of a shame, because yesterday Elon Musk and his SpaceX company achieved a feat of historic Wright-brothers-like proportions, and nobody gives a fuck because we are still raving and ranting about Wikileaks —perhaps it's poetic justice? after all, Musk was the founder of Paypal, and look what Paypal tried to do to suppress Wikileas.

Anyway, my head is considering multiple scenarios every 5 minutes with this. Was the Wikileaks scandal what we conspiranoids call a "false flag attack"? you know, to permit Assange disclose embarrassing information that is not particularly sensitive or top-secret, so the US and their lapdogs could justify putting the heel on Wikileaks' neck —the cybernetic version of the gulf of Tonkin... or 9/11, if you're into extreme conspiracy scenarios...

In any case, what they fail to realize is that the damage is done. For better or for worse, no matter what happens to Wikileaks, many other sites will pop up to take its place, better equipped with knowledge on how to avoid the mistakes Assange did.

The same thing that happened to Napster, which was obliterated by the music industry, but did not stop people from sharing media online —because Gnutella and Kazaa learned from Napster's mistakes.

Woundedgenius said...

Great post, great artwork. :)

There is something rather hideous about having the truth exposed.. and a truth that, ultimately, we feel we have tacitly complied with..

Thanks for this :)


susan said...

Hi Bitter,

As a former journo, I have seen editors quash stories because of "you cannot say it if it was true". Loose lips sink ships and what not.

On the other hand I believe in the first amendment, so I don't know where to stand on this one. I admit I am really torn because I can see both sides and agree with both.

I do know with the internet and the ability to get a story out in real time instead of our parents and grandparents generation where they read the morning and evening newspapers have changed, and wikileaks and sites like that may be the news future. I just hope that newspapers don't die because of it.