Thursday, April 16, 2009

Survival of plain ol' me

Where I am, as I've mentioned, this recession has hit pretty hard. Many friends are now out of work. When I say many friends, I actually have very few friends but many people I know or know of are now out of work. The centre of town is like a wasteland.

Scary times.

And I realised recently that I spend more than I earn.

There's nothing like a full-on media-driven panic-fuelled recession to make you rethink your priorities. I've gone very quickly from 'I want to have loads of money to buy this and that' to 'I'll be happy if I can survive another year'. And, right now with things being what they are, simple survival isn't as easy as it once was.

So there would have to be the money talk. The sitting down, going through budgets and getting real about that.
We haven't yet done that. But, when it happens, I'm sure the end result will be that I can buy nothing.
Not a thing.

So, in anticipation of not being able to spend what I want when I want to, I have ordered a whole rake of stuff online. If it was bought before the meeting, it doesn't count. Man, I can't wait for the post man to arrive.


Red Pill Junkie said...

The sad truth is that our whole generation spends more than what we earn. That's what really brought down this whole debacle. We have learn that it's OK to live in a perpetual state of debt.

And the fact that products these days are designed to break down and be discarded is certainly no help either. Our grandparents used to buy a car that would last their entire life—so picking a color was a really big deal; then our parents bought cars that used to last 25 years at least.

I bought a car last year. I'll be lucky if it lasts more than 8 years; and I'm probably going to be forced to replace it earlier than that.

Hell, we might as well use this approach with houses, too! Why do people still think a house has to last a life time? Maybe a house should only last 15 years or so. It's all part of the "I buy, ergo I am" mentality isn't it? Brave New World indeed.

PS: I would buy one roll of toilet paper, and the DS game. If you don't buy food, the paper is destined to last even longer.

susan said...

Bitter, one more great cartoon.

Regarding the old question- TP or food- well, tis a known fact that men use less of the stuff than women.

and food will make you use said TP.

It's hard times all over, here there and everywhere. But it will get better. Heck, I've been smiling non stop knowing that they finally bought Red Dwarf back!

Now if they could resurrect Father Ted-and clone Ted to take back his role.....

Niffiwan said...

You won't be able to enjoy the game if you're starving, though.

There's still plenty of free entertainment around. Food, not so much, unless you are a farmer.

Well, that's an idea. Consider starting a little garden somewhere...