Monday, November 16, 2009


I'm losing touch with the Bitter Animator part of who I am.

I actually think that's probably a good thing. But not so good when you've got a blog based around one particular part of your persona. Hence the lack of updates in a whole week - my longest post drought I think.

Part of it is being busy of course. My life is full. But I do think more of it is just not being the Bitter Animator for a while. That part of me just doesn't need expression right now. He has gone quiet. Is that weird?

Right now, I almost feel like starting a blog on pretty things. Like flowers and colours I like.

That is weird.


Gregor Nekdo said...

Any chance of asking for an input on this animation idea i had, if you start that other blog?

susan said...

Dear Bitter,

Writing award waiting for you at my blog to collect, with respect.

Unknown said...


YOur Bitter Animator side may not need the expression right now, but he'll be there for you if you ever need him again.

Maybe giving Weird Animator a go at it would be fair test of the waters.

Mark p.s.2 said...

I think life is like water, water flowing in a river or an ocean. It has up times in a swell, and low times . In a river you have calm lakes/pools and rough rapids the water passes through on the way to the sea or lake. Enjoy what ever time you are in and know the water will likely change again in time. But maybe your in a calm lake... who knows...

Ron said...

It is a good thing.
Your life is changing... for the better.
The bitterness fades, but the blog served its purpose, it allowed you to express yourself, your frustration, your fears, and all those things during that time period.
Things are looking up for you, embrace it.

Anonymous said...

What Ron said. I think it's good that you're becoming...less bitter. Maybe that means life's picking up.

I, myself, am going in the opposite direction.