Saturday, April 9, 2011

All quiet

Yes, all quiet here. Just trying to survive. Not always easy. But I'm still going. If you have happened upon this somewhat dormant blog by accident, why not have a browse through the archives? I do, every now and again. There's some good stuff in there, even if I do say so myself. Makes me feel guilty for not keeping the place updated regularly. But I guess that is the way of blogs.

While you're here, though, you should check out these blogs and sites. These are friends of the blog or just places I enjoy. Check them all out -

Prozacville is as bad as I am for updates but there's loads of great stuff in the archives. Little comics about life. Funny, silly in places and yet very honest. In a stroke of genius, also included in each post is a soundtrack.

Susan is a good friend here at Medicated Cartoon Life. She's had it rough at times but, man, she's a fighter and her blog is a testament to that.

The Daily Grail is a place that will open your mind. Their Red Pill Junkie is also a good friend here and his comments have always been insightful, enjoyable and often eye-opening. The Daily Grail is well worth a regular read. You'll find some gems there.

This is a pretty new one. Honest to Goodness Genuine Humans. It's a funny cartoon blog from the guy who brought us Too Many Zombies. With some great one-liners and some with a real sideways look at life, it's a fun one. You can (and should) follow them on Twitter here for even more.

I'm on Twitter too as the BitterAnimator so feel free to follow me if you like and send me a tweet so I know who you are for a follow back. I'll admit I really don't tweet very much, just like blogging now I guess, but I'm there and I read and tweet the odd time.

So go read all those sites. Enjoy them. Tell your friends, tweet about them, blog about them, post them on reddit or any of those sites because they deserve your attention. And tell them a Bitter Animator sent you. And bug the Prozacville guy for more posts because they're excellent.

Hope everyone who happens upon this post is doing well. If you found your way here via depression, be strong brothers and sisters - it may not be you, it really might be the world that's sick. If you found your way here via animation, strive for the best. You're in one of the most specialised yet unrewarded businesses and you're all creative, fantastic people (well, most of you).

And to everyone else, I'll say this - the old models are crumbling. Your time will come.


susan said...

Wow Bitter, thank you for the shout out.

I loved the color cartoon.

It's hard trying to survive. We all have those days where it's just easier to stay in bed, pull the covers over our head and pretend we are the last person on earth and all our problems would just go away, along with our bills.

But then you get a gorgeous Spring day like today, and find a lovely post on your blog during breakfast and at least you know today will be brilliant. Thank you!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Hey, that cartoon feels as if you were experiencing with Ayahuasca! ;)

Thanks for the (totally undeserved) compliment, amigo. And I know how it feels when your blogging engine runs out of steam, for I'm suffering a bit of that myself. Then again, blogging should feel as a hobby, not as a job, and certainly not as an obsession :)

Adam said...

I like that thought. Maybe the world is the sick one, and I am normal. Depression is normal, anti-depression is not... No, that thought is actually a bit depressing.

dykewife said...

i was the one going through your archives, in case you checked your stats. i found it when i was going through a folder of comics i'd collected but hadn't read yet. like you, i live with depression as does my husband, though his is more profound than is mine. we both take meds to help us function.

i have a niece in ontario (oh, yeah, i'm canadian) who is a newly graduated animator and a very talented artist. i referred your blog to her as well. it'll give her another slant in the animation world.

thank you for your candor about your illness. it's hard living in a world that treats mental illness as a personal failing rather than an actual illness. they wouldn't treat a diabetic as though it was their fault their islets of langerhans weren't functioning properly, but because it's the brain...ugh.

anyway, just wanted to let you know i was here and reading.

Niffiwan said...

Thanks for the links. :)

Red Pill Junkie said...

>"they wouldn't treat a diabetic as though it was their fault their islets of langerhans weren't functioning properly."

Weeeeell actually *some* diabetics contracted the illness due to their lifestyle --bad eating habits, too much drinking, etc ;)

Still here, amigo. I hope all is well at your side of the journey.

Bitter Animator said...

Nice to see you (virtually)! How are things? What have you been up to?

Red Pill Junkie said...

Same old same old. Although many things have made an interesting turn lately, beginning with the Arab spring early this year. Lots of interesting events and developments, for sure! It kinda feels like 1968 v 2.0.

Let's see what happens during next year. Best case scenario: we'll find a lot of discount 2012 doomsday books the morning after Dec 21st ;)