Monday, October 29, 2007


I like Halloween. I think it's the whole pretending to be something else thing. And I actually think it's probably good for kids. There are a lot of scary things in the world and I think Halloween allows children to make light of scary stuff. Probably a coping mechanism.

Though I'm sure there are some children totally freaked out by that.

Around here, the children go wild for fireworks though and I don't like that. Partly because, every year, some kid loses a face or some fingers and partly because it freaks dogs out and I like dogs.

Anyway, happy Halloween!


Tony Plant said...

hey blogger, i recognise your drawings, could i please use the occasional post and or drawing for my website,
stay funky, t

Tony Plant said...

hello hello, are you here, there or where ?

Bitter Animator said...

Sorry, you're hanging out in the depths of the archives here! Yes, sure, if you credit the blog, feel free to use he odd post or drawing.

Tony Plant said...

thanks, i have another idea, how can i e mail you \?, t

Bitter Animator said...

Address is now in my profile.