Thursday, October 25, 2007

Watch for the signs

A few subtle clues. If you find someone like this, there is a good chance they are suffering from depression. Or are already dead.

I wasn't found exactly like this at any stage but I've been close and drawing it really made me wonder just how scary it is for the wife/husband/gay life partner/aquaintance/rent boy who has to live with someone who is prone to depression. Having been through it a few times, I like to think I'd know the signs myself and see it coming but I know the last time I was hit bad, I didn't have any idea until I was completely in the mire.

I'd say people like us are a pain in the ass but I guess that's why it should be recognised when your wife/husband/gay life partner/aquaintance/rent boy sticks with you and helps you look out for those warning signs.

Thanks guys!


Andy Latham said...

Whilst not a sufferer of depression, I do find that periodical "lows" just creep up on me without seeing them coming. I guess the same applies to the highs.

I have one question though. How do you keep motivated? When I am feeling the kind of low that a normal person gets, I find it incredibly hard to keep doing my drawings. How do you cope when you feel even lower than normal?

Bitter Animator said...

Good question. Truth is, getting motivated in those times can be close to impossible. If I'm on paid work, it's different because I'll have deadlines and be in a situation where I simply have to get a certain amount done as high quality as I can. So that really forces me to do what I have to do.

But my own projects almost always suffer. When I was really bad, I was unable to do anything. My mind pretty much shut down. I've since told myself that, if that happens, I just have to accept it and allow myself to get stronger first.

When I just slip, however, I've noticed a really weird thing - creative rebellion. There are things I know I should work on (and would really benefit me) but I can't get the motivation to do it. I resist it and, in doing so, somehow get inspired to do other things in the whole opposite direction. It's not always a bad thing but, in those times, my head can get consumed by things that will often lead nowhere.