Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Pixar Shorts Collection - with or without boobies?

Just curious.

There's a new collection of the Pixar shorts out on DVD. One of them, Knick Knack (about a little snowglobe snowman), featured a rather large-breasted character. However, when the short was attached to one of their movies (I think it may have been Finding Nemo - they all sort of blend together for me now), the character had undergone a pretty drastic breast reduction for some reason.

I imagine it must have been quite tricky to dig up files from an old short and remove the boobies so someone must have thought it was really important. However, if I were a girl with ample breasts (and, man, how I wish I was) I would find the implication that large breasts was a problem just a tad offensive. There wasn't one other aspect of the short touched. Just the boobies.

What have Pixar got against large breasts? And does anyone know which version this collection contains?


bardhol said...

Knick Knack Knockers Nixed!
That is not an answer to your question, just an observation.

Bitter Animator said...

Goddam that's good. I wish I had thought of that one.

susan said...

Hey, I just found this!

As a female, who, lets just say i will never drown- I find this funny.

but you know when you are that big,your clothes don't fit right.

Not to mention all the girls with fake ones. 20,000 yeqrs from now some archeologist will find bunches of skeletons in Beverly hills, with these strange silicone implants an wonder what they were.