Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Dear Angry Mob...

A couple of quotes from my comments on the 3D Animators post about a week ago:

Ryan G - "I think youre just misinformed or just making blind assumptions."
Tp - "You are totally shutting out a lot of talented artists by making a blanket statement like that."

While I'd love to just tell you to go and shite, Tp is onto something (Ryan not as much) so I thought I'd give a little explanation here to help clear the air.

Picture this: 3D animator is standing in the middle of studio floor. Doing horrific Ricky Gervais impressions to entertain the other animators. Door opens. It's a producer. The guy who pays his bills. Now the producer isn't accusing him of anything but it's like being back at school - the animator thinks he's been caught messing when he should be working. He thinks fast. Pulls out the oldest line in 3D animation - "I'm waiting for my scene to render."

That's the scenario. I've seen it many times. No, it doesn't mean that the animator is lazy. 3D animators do work long hours. They do work weekends at crunch time. That's why I wrote it. It just amused me to accuse all 3D animators of laziness. As it turned out, and as I hoped it would, it amused a few 3D animators I know too. They recognised the scenario. They do perform Ricky Gervais impressions. They do talk about Warcraft. They do pull out the age old excuse when a producer barges in.

They also get the "I wish I could use that excuse" from the 2D departments. And that's where I was coming from with it. See, in the panel, I'm sitting at a 2D animation desk. There is no rendering. The excuse is useless. You see? That's what it's about. Ah, forget it... Y'all got distracted reaching for your pitchforks and torches when you saw the headline.

Not to worry. 3D animators - you know I love you, right? Well, most of you. Not the geeks.

I guess I'm glad this is the one I had to explain and not the Mohammed/Bear thing. That could have been more heated.

On top of all this, Tp made some wonderful observations on my drawings. More on that soon if I can be bothered.


Ryan G. said...

Oh ha ha! I get it now.. Youre just a douche bag! Boy youre really milking this 3d thing. Thats cool. I see that no one is commenting on your work, so youre just trying to rile people up to get some attention. My bad, I originally thought you were serious.

Bitter Animator said...

Now that's definitely not nice. I was trying to explain and diffuse the whole thing - point out that it was taken a little too seriously. Really not quite sure what you're missing here (I want to say sense of humour but that wouldn't be nice either).

Well, I tried. I still love you Ryan. By the way, your chick drawings are very cool. I especially like that one with the boots and the striped top. The version under the pencil sketch in particular.

As for comments on my "work", well, that's okay. You've missed what this blog is (it's not an "art" blog). I may go into that in my next post but you may well be better off steering clear.

I appreciate you taking the time to come back to read my post, as misunderstood as it was.

Ryan G. said...
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Ryan G. said...

Hey you must have misunderstood..Im being funny now! See how easy it is to get all worked up. Anyway, we should drop the whole subject.

TP said...

Just as a side note, I got the joke, I thought it was funny. It was the blog entry after the joke that was really cutting and had a totally jealous sound to it.
I mean, don't try to act like you don't hate 3D. Everything you've ever posted on JohnK's blog supports that. I was defending the other side of the arguement and you got so pissed off and took it this seriously.

Bitter Animator said...

Hating 3D (and hate is such a strong word) is not the same as hating 3D animators.