Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead!

Congrats to the USAers out there! I hope your vote brings about change for you guys and us in the rest of the world. Sure, it's just baby steps and I don't think for a moment that the world will suddenly become a better place but it's a step in the right direction in my opinion.

I remember seeing that meteor film years ago (no, not Armageddon, the other one) and thinking - okay, a giant meteor hitting Earth, I can buy, but a black President? Not a chance.

And you might think, bloody hell is it all about race? Do people even know what he stands for or anything? Can we let the black/white thing go? I'd understand that feeling but US has appeared to have been ruled by (and I mean ruled, not represented by) a rich old white boys club. And even those in the club who weren't white or men seemed to just be serving the interests of those rich old white men. So to have a man who isn't white or old in the forefront is a big deal. I honestly thought it wouldn't happen in my lifetime.

But there's the cronies, the corporate interests, paying off promises made for those campaign donations and so much will have been set in motion by Bush already that there is only so much that can change (you know, unless you guys want to tear down that system and create a better world for yourselves). So it's baby steps. But baby steps in the right direction.

You USAers are some of the most positive, warm and welcoming people on the planet. You deserve the best and deserve to be represented (not ruled) by the best. I wish you all good luck and congratulations on your election!

I hope it's too late for Fox to orchestrate election theft again.


Toole said...

As Colbert said we don't wanna call the election either way until the US Supreme Court rules in a 5 to 4 decision along party lines.

Andy Latham said...

I second these good wishes! Being in the UK, it's not my president that has been elected, but this is the first election of any kind to take place which has put a smile on my face.

I know the actions of the USA ultimately have an impact on the rest of the world, but it's nothing to do with that. It's more to do with the fact that this confirms that changes for the better CAN happen. We spend so much of our time in this country moaning about the declining state of the world. Finally here is something to celebrate, whether we're American or not. Canges can be made, no matter what the odds.

Adam H said...

Thanks for the congrats! I honestly never thought I'd see it happen but I've never been more happy to be wrong in my life. America really surprised me this time.
I think people have realized that not having an opinion on what happens to your nation & your world gets you stuck with dictators like Bush fucking it up for everyone.
I went downtown to Grant Park in Chicago last night & I've never seen so many people so happy in my entire was quite incredible. All classes, races, & ages of people cheering, crying, & ecstatic. I've always been more cynical than patriotic, but for a moment I almost felt proud to be an American....a very strange and new feeling, haha. Let's just hope Obama has the ability to clean up the mountain of shit that's been left for him.

Cheers, from an elated American.

Red Pill Junkie said...

A baby step in the right direction is 1000 times better than standing still, and a google times better than going Maverick... I mean, the wrong way!

I'm not American, but I couldn't stop shedding a tear or two when watching his acceptance speech. Yes you can, America!

Anne-arky said...

Yay! Thanks from California! :D We were dancing in the street last night...and I'm still giddy this morning.

Bitter Animator said...

His speech really was awesome, wasn't it? I've seen some detractors call it flashy, as if it's a negative that he can string a sentence together without making a tit of himself.

His goals are really admirable. I hope he doesn't come up against brick walls in trying to push for those ideals.

susan said...

I love this blog, I just found it from James'.

I did vote for Obama, and let me tell you, everyone here is happy happy happy. I was doing the happy dance when the results came in with MY kitty!

I am going to add you to my RSS feeds and blogroll, so I can keep up with you now that I found you.