Friday, November 7, 2008

It's such a strong word

I need a better way of doing speech balloons.

I am currently being driven insane. It's a direct psychological attack and is quite deliberate. They way it works is that I am told something is in a certain place... and then it's not. Sounds harmless enough but when it happens 62-68 times a day, it causes severe mental trauma. Word is, it's a CIA tactic and it's currently being used in Gitmo (great how we can joke about the illegal imprisonment and torture of people, eh? What a world we live in).

I often hear about systems in animation production. I know there must be places out there that don't exist in a constant state of chaos. I just haven't ever worked in one of them.


Anonymous said...

That picture is new, but so familiar...

Bitter Animator said...

It's not the first time this person has featured on my blog under similar circumstances. I can't find exactly where it was but I imagine that's what you're remembering. She does this a lot.

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

What I do is have an independent hard drive to back everything up, but I'm allowed to. That isn't necessarily implicit in your case.

I've also been watching a lot of Exploitation Movies lately. Black Mama White Mama, The Warriors, and Assult On Precinct 13 (the old one, the one worth watching) just in the last half of the week. I didn't plan on this, I guess I'm in a violent 70's mood.

Incidentally, I saw American Gangester and it was really average. During tense scenes, the same kind synth lurch Goblin used in Dawn of the Dead would start playing which ruined the tension for me. I just started expecting zombies to show up, and since it's a biographical film I was always disappointed.

Nobody uses sound like that any more. Nobody else did it then either, but that's not the point.