Thursday, November 20, 2008

That's one fantastic album

Anyone remember the old Dizzy games? One of them had a walkman as an object you could pick up and, when you had it, notes would come out of your head. A nice effect.

Anyway... the last few days I've been listening to an album called Missiles by Canadian band, The Dears.

I first found The Dears back when they had their No Cities Left album out. It's a pretty good album that suffers just slightly from the singer trying to do a Morrissey impression. As a result, it sort of loses its own identity. A good album. Not a great one. But I enjoyed it.

The one after that, however, just didn't grab me at all. It seemed utterly bland. Some people called it accessible. I'm not sure how bland equals accessible but that's what some people called it. I figured at that point that they didn't have much to offer beyond that initial Morrissey impression.

But I was wrong.

This new album, Missiles, is entirely different. It's understated, very quiet in parts, buried in minor chords and, in parts, rather brave. Certainly the use of the synth bass and the distortion in the track, Demons, turns it into something much greater than it would have been otherwise. It's the first album this year (and possibly in a couple of years) that I have just had to listen to over and over and over and over again. I just need to hear it.

If I were Dizzy, the notes coming out of my head would be from this album.

Check it out if you're into, like, music and stuff.


susan said...


I gave your blog a shout out on my blog the other day. I don't know your email addy so I apologize for writing it on here.

I really love your blog.

Take care.

pacpac said...


interesting blog.
The part about the old dog was touchy!

On a somewhat related point of view, maybe you know or maybe not the works of the (late?) Dr. Banks, a funny and inspired psychologist and speaker.

If you think you can spare a few minutes, give it a try. I've found it on youtube.

Try this one:

Best Regards

Bitter Animator said...

Susan, thanks for the mention. Really glad you like the blog!

Paolo, thanks for that link. I had never encountered Dr. Banks before. The one you linked to is great and I'm going to track down more from that. I really appreciate you introducing me to his wisdom.