Friday, May 15, 2009

The downfall of the bears

Yes, this is where our modern world would do all it can to bugger up Susan's excellent bears for pills exchange plan.

While those particular cities wouldn't be the only ones to fall, I'm pretty sure they would be the first. People who live in any one of them for a length of time without topping themselves should get a special 'survivor' bear.

I once took an open-top bus tour in Glasgow. Attractions included a car park and some homeless people rummaging through bins.

It rained.


Andy Latham said...

You can add Manchester to that list. Miserable place, filled with miserable people. My girlfriend works in HR for the Co-Op in Manchester and she has been put on a course to teach her to be (and I quote) "less helpful and less polite". Says it all really.

Oh and it rains ALL of the time there. It's like the city itself is crying, tears trickling, nay, pouring down the streets.

We have shootings every week and terrorist raids every other.

But we've got a T-Rex skeleton in the museum....oh wait, it's just a replica one. Nope, I can't think of one good thing about Manchester. It's a dull city and people seem to like it that way because it has a Morrisey. Of course they forget the fact that Morrisey was actually a Salford lad.

susan said...

Boo! Boo!

I have never been to any of the cities you name, i want to see ireland, since supposedly my family came from there. i want to see Dublin on Bloomsday, but my submission on Mollie got rejected. (I don't thnk I did justice to ALP).

As for Liverpool- I had a crush on Paul McCartney. Put me in a whole city of men with Scouse accents and I will feel like I died and went to heaven. Never been to 'Glasgow, but Edinburgh was lovely.

But then, I find everything lovely in the the UK because maybe I am bored with NJ.....anything anywhere is great once you get me 20 miles outside my home.

The bears will pick up. I gotta pitch this to Santa and the elves. Then once it's a go, we need an app from the Apple store to order them on iphone!

But the bears must be blue.

susan said...

Andy- one good thing about Manchester-

Didn't Simply Red and David Beckham hail from there?

I once had a flight to London re-route to there. Had a nice curry at the airport.

Red Pill Junkie said...

The Chemical Brothers came from Manchester, Andy!

So according to you, the pill that unite them was Prozac?? :-P

Andy Latham said...

Well okay, musically Manchester has some good points, but then so does Liverpool. However could it not be the case that the best music is often born in the most miserable places. After all, that's where it is needed most!

susan said...

Andy, you made a good point there. Never thought of it like that before, but I think you may be right. Music, art, literature, yep, all of the Fine Arts.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Indeed, without music, the Gallagher brothers might have been dead by now.

susan said...


without music or without the Beatles? (grin).Or did Morning Glory just buy them extra time before they need to fear the reaper?

Red Pill Junkie said...

Yeah, well... There wouldn't be Oasis without Liverpool's Fantastic Four :)

But Champagne Supernova is one of the best songs of the end of the XXth century.

susan said...

Agreed. But my fav on that album is Don't look back in anger. I still get thrills when I hear it.