Saturday, May 9, 2009

Sleepy weekend

What a dull image. He's not even hurtling into an asteroid field or anything. It may as well be a picture of a bloke on a bus.

I think I just wanted to do an Astro Andy ship interior. Probably thinking about the Star Trek movie. I haven't seen it yet. Reviews seem to be positive all across the board and yet, from actual people, I'm hearing a few negatives.

I love classic Star Trek. I'm not going to apologise for that. The characters mean a lot to me.

But, you know, no matter what I think of the film when I get to see it, at this point, Star Trek is dead. The franchise ran itself into the ground years ago. You'd have a very hard time finding even a rabid Trekkie who didn't draw the line somewhere and say that a large percentage of Star Trek is complete rubbish.

And, as far as the original series goes, a couple of cast members are dead and the rest are old enough for us just to say, let it go. Star Trek's time has passed.

So, even if I watch the movie and think, "well this isn't Star Trek," nothing is lost. Or I could love it and then it's a whole new beginning.

Of course nobody will ever replace Shatner. That man is a god. Let's be clear on that.

So it's the weekend. I'm flicking through the music channels, trying to avoid P-P-P-Poker Face P-P-P and so on. It's not easy. Seems to be either that song or Beyonce trying to put me to sleep.

Did the banks ever collapse? I haven't been keeping track of what's going on but I'm a little disappointed society hasn't fallen apart yet.


susan said...


the new interior got me with the furry dice. Sure you didn't get the idea from Rimmer who put those in his Jag in Series 2?

New Star Trek, all over the media here, but tomorrow is Mother's Day so won't be able to see movie until next weekend. Mother goes before everything.

I just took Andy on my desktop. He cheers me!

p.s. favorite Star Trek episode (mine) City on the Edge of Forever- the one with Joan Collins.

But I would like to see Astro Andy meet a Tribble.

Andy Latham said...

I saw Star Trek today. I really enjoyed it and left me wanting more, so I think the positive reviews are pretty much on the money. I even liked the new Kirk, which I never thought would happen.

Will be interested to hear what a big fan of the original like yourself thinks of it. While I always liked Shatner and Nimoy, I wasn't so attached to the old series/films as I grew up in the Next Generation age (and I was never bowled over by the adventures of Picard either).

I still agree that Shatner is god though!

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

My posting has become rather infrequent lately. I plan to go on a weekly schedule now that my schedules been kicked around - new job designing battery cathodes and related things is.

I have to agree about the vitality of Star Trek. I think they should have gone with an all new cast in the same universe the way they did in Next Generation. Star Trek is about exploration and discovery! Rehashing isn't any good.

Of course, I haven't seen the movie so who am I to talk?

I suppose I should count myself lucky. I am only barely familiar with the song you mentioned. All I recall thinking that the Weird Al parody will be hilarious.

In my copious free time, I have been watching old Bela Lugosi movies. You know why Bela got beat up on despite being an instant legend? I found out a lot of his movies - starting with the White Zombie - were independent productions! This branded him with Universal, he was not a studio loyal. Despite the fact he did so much great and successful work at Universal, he never got any power over his career.

So, he got kicked around in the independents before finally meeting Ed Wood. And the rest is history.

Well, anyway, I'm glad to be able to start following your blog again, and I am already working on the first blog post on a schedule. I'll be reading for more news.

Red Pill Junkie said...

*Sniffle* Damn swine flu has deprived us Mexican geeks of both Wolverine & the new Trek. Hopefully next week we'll begin to catch up with you guys.

I must confess I don't really mind that P-P-Poker Face song; if I only hear it once a day that is, otherwise I would probably go insane—If one can go insaner that is.

And Beyonce? Her songs are supposed to be experienced exclusively on MTV— meaning you have to see her wiggle that gorgeous bum of hers to appreciate her voice :-P

Anonymous said...

I am "Facebook Friends" (in other words, we don't know each other at all) with the writer/director James Gunn (PG Porn, Tromeo & Juliet, Scooby Doo, Slither, Dawn Of The Dead (2004)) and he loved the new Star Trek.

Which is enough for me.

Bitter Animator said...

Welcome back, Mr.T!

I still haven't seen Star Trek yet. But I will.