Monday, September 7, 2009


I don't mind not having my phone with me but my iPod is an essential. As is my pants. Not sure how that happened. I leave them out so I can't miss them.

Unless somebody moved them...?

Forgot my headphones too so I can't just listen to music from my computer either. Oh well. One of those days.

It's September. I've been doing this blog almost two years now. That's flown. I have been far less prolific over the last while. Things have been busy. Is anyone still here?

But it also means we're going into Autumn and on towards Winter. And the project I'm on finishes early next year and I have no idea what will happen after that. I am faced with the prospect of having nothing to move on to and that is something I haven't had to face in a long, long time. It's a little scary. Actually it's very scary as the last times I faced this, I didn't have children to feed. Now, I do.

I'm not sure how it will all work out.

There's a small work for hire project that may happen but it's looking less and less likely. That wouldn't be an awful one to do by any means. Well within my comfort zone. Then there's another project that might happen but it's one I feel should never be made and I just don't see it in my future. If I was going to do a job I am completely against, there are probably ones that can make me more money - like dealing arms or drug running.

And then there's... nothing.

If I didn't have a family to feed, I'd live on beans for a while and write a book or something. I'd actually use a break to really put my time into something creative. But things are different now.

All part of growing up, I guess.


susan said...

Bitter, there is always time to write, paint, compose, anything you want to do and enjoy.

But please don't eat those beans. Do you remember the bean eating scene in "Blazing Saddles"?

Not to mention you would probably give a totally permanent to your children's hair. Bean farts
can be lethal you know.

P.S. Steve Jobs is going to announce his new line of ipods tomorrow, so maybe you can purchase a back up one cheap since the technology today will be obsolete tomorrow.

Lisa G said...

Still reading here in FL. Keep it up!

Red Pill Junkie said...

>"All part of growing up, I guess."

That's why I chose not to.
Off to Neverland!! ;-)