Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well it can't all be great, can it?

Something has changed in my work. I always wanted to do good work, but this is more.

I feel like Han Solo when he saw Lando take out the Millennium Falcon.

For some reason, on this project, my thoughts always come back to this - I may never get to make something like this ever again. I hope I'm wrong, of course. But the result of that is that I don't want one frame to make it to air that I'm not 100% happy with.

Even to the point of throwing out whole episodes.

Because, once the show is finished, it has a life of its own and can never be redone. And I may never get to do it again. There may never be more.

But there are realities to the business end - budget and time. People can't afford just to throw out whole finished episodes. Well, maybe they can. Maybe things can be shifted, budgets juggled and producers can get a little bit creative. After all, we all want a great product, don't we?

The idea of a last chance changes everything.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

If we could all have the luxury George Lucas enjoys, right?

But in this world only artists can afford to spend years retouching a canvas. Picasso said that a painting was never really finished, and I agree —when I'm in the middle of a project, often times I can come up with a much better solution, but then you can't jut discard all the previous work if you have a schedule to honor.