Monday, February 9, 2009

Emotions and creativity

I think it might be just fatigue and work stress and the difficulties around that right now but I'm finding myself ever so slightly emotional at the moment. More specifically, I keep welling up at the thought of a short film idea I haven't written and will likely never make. Every time I think of it, well, this happens.

It's hard to know what to make of that.

I think I'll only know for sure when my life is a little more clear. When I've had a break, if the thought of that short film ends with the same reaction, I may be on to something. If not, it was a reaction to stress and nothing more.

Though I do think it's a good sign in one way. I have been creatively dead for a while now and I figured it would take this project finishing and a large gap before anything creative came back. But it seems things are happening in my little brain. Strange things.


Omaniblog said...

Greetings from Cork Ireland. I found you on the blogroll of Felix from Australia whose blog I found today.
First, I love your cartoon - it's so true... In my experience this is how my creativity works... i keep having a flow of new ideas and get excited about them. It doesn't matter to me how many see the light of day, so long as the flow carries on.
As for how long it will be before the next 'creative' idea arrives, I think it's a matter of habit. The more I do stuff, the more stuff pops up. So long as I practice, I will get results. Creative ideas, projects, notions are by-products of artistic practice. That's why I begin the day with writing what this day is like... I'm sure you can fill in the dots...
So far, I've only looked at one post of your's, and I sense I've found someone very interesting to me.
Keep it up

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

For me it's a science-fiction novel instead of a short film. Also, I'm not crying, and it's a good thing too. I'd run out of tears if I were - I have an overabundance of ideas.

An exploration (in a literal sense) of a Santayana inspired idea-space. An episodic space epic of a an average man - who by law of large numbers and living for billions of years his adventures are stupendous by our standards. A conspiracy comedy.

Now that I'm trying to think of them all the details escape me. Ask me when I need to be concentrating on something else and I'll go on and on about each of them.

One more thing! I've rediscovered this old vocal harmony/jive/gospel group inspired by The Mills Brothers.

They're led by the bass voice, which is cool cause I like bass voices.

Red Pill Junkie said...

You should give yourself time to write that short film idea.

On the Colbert Report last week there was this guy promoting a website called Imdaba, which was intended to help musicians to work together in projects in an open-source fashion, no matter where they lived.

I wonder if that same idea could work in Animation.