Monday, February 2, 2009

Where it all went wrong...

Okay, so this isn't the only thing that happened with the production that led to the current panic/crisis/apocalypse. But it's one of the issues. Some parts, especially early on in scripting and production, just weren't as good as they should be. That's not uncommon. It takes a while for a project to find its feet.

It's how the producer deals with "hiccups" that's just baffling. Got a problem? Immediately assume those you work with are the enemy. That seems to be the strategy. Pre-emptive strike.

We are all the enemy.

But, yeah, that was just one of the problems. Another was in simply living in hope. There are some in certain roles who should have been let go right at the start but both the producer and the director, bless his optimistic soul, genuinely believed they would pull themselves up and really deliver. They didn't. He actually fought for a few people early on and put a lot of faith in them. Man, is he disillusioned now. Hence sleeping through important meetings at this point.

Bloody cold today. My freezing fingers are having a hard time finding their way around the keyboard.


susan said...

i use gloves with the finger tips cut out for my writing, seeing I do it an average of 10-12 hours a day.

Hang in there Mr. Animator. If you continue to stay blue and cold.... draw yourself on an island with some bikinied babe handing you a drink.....

It's Groundhog day. Maybe the furry little guy will see Spring in six weeks.

Red Pill Junkie said...

My boss the Architect also likes to pretend that everybody is the enemy, and that it's anyone's fault but his went someothing fucks up.

He hates it when I try to have a couple of days more to make some extra drawing plans so everything is clear or explained about a project. I fear one of these days he will instruct me to doodle everything on cocktail napkins and put a text title like "you figure it out" followed by "And if it doesn't work, it will be YOUR fault".

Pretty nice weather here in Mexico today :)

Brian Sibley said...

Cheer up - at least you won the Caption Competition! :-)

Bitter Animator said...

Woo! Go me!