Monday, February 23, 2009

Of course I didn't watch them

No. No, I didn't watch them. I don't even know who won yet.

I actually know little about how the Oscars work and don't care enough to find out but, if they are anything like some more local equivalents I've seen, they look all important from the outside and are little more than a sham on the inside, with dodgy nomination systems, people voting for stuff they haven't seen and plenty of politics going on behind the scenes.

But mostly I don't care about them because they are violently boring. An apocalypse of dull.


Toole said...

If you've ever been in a room where everyone has their pants around their ankles and they're all jerking each other off for four hours, look around you. You might be at Academy Awards of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I confess, Your Honor: I watched them ;-)

I wanted to see what kind of homage they were planning to give to Paul Newman and Heath Ledger. Strangely, even though they gave the Oscar to Ledger, he was not mentioned during the tribute to deceased actors/directors/whatever. WTF?

The most intolerable aspect of the show/ceremony: all the bloody commercials!

Nina Paley said...

I love your cartoon today.

Bitter Animator said...

Thanks Nina!

Surely Ledger must have been mentioned in the dead people roll? They wouldn't have missed him, would they? Or maybe they know he's not really dead - it was a ploy to get him an Oscar. Maybe.

Brian Sibley said...

Heath Ledger died in January 2008 (before The Dark Knight was even completed, let alone released) so he would have been included in last year's honouring of the dead.

Obviously, you won't want to read it, but I wrote about the nominations for Best Animated Short and what won...