Friday, October 30, 2009

What I'm dressing up as for Halloween

No, not a zombie this year. Zombies are easy - I just go as I am. No, I need a different attitude. So how about some ass-kicking demon thing?

From the bowels of Hell itself... well, maybe not the bowels. Bowels aren't somewhere you want to spend much time in, although I guess that gives me a good reason to leave Hell. I mean, coming from bowels makes just about everywhere a step up. Okay, so I'll go with bowels.

From the bowels of Hell itself, the dreaded demon Bittoriad rises to wreak havoc upon the world. Destroying the very values that hold society together, the evil Bittoriad spreads such insidious notions as the idea that children's shows should actually be pretty good for children and entertain and work with parents rather than serving as toy advertisments. The nefarious Bittoriad can't even get through a blog post without preaching his twisted views. That's just how evil he is.

Oh yes, that is evil.

And then, once he has preached his way out of a job by refusing to work on crap, he sits in front of the television watching Dr.Phil and drinking beer...

Hang on, somewhere in here, Bittoriad lost his way. He was supposed to kick ass. Gah, even huge devil wings and an angry look can't alter my destiny - towards the television with a beer.

Well, I'll kick ass next year.

Hope everyone has a very happy Halloween! If you're dressing up, make it something horrific. No fairies or princesses - that's cheating! Make it scary! Whatever you do, I hope you have fun...

...or the evil Bittoriad will eat your brains while you sleep.


susan said...

I like Bittoriad, your color posts are gorgeous. But doesn't he have a bowl of chips with the beer? Is that why he is grump because there are no salty snacks?

Happy Halloween to you you and your readers. And I hope no one gets any rocks in their Halloween candy. ;-)

Toole said...

it's kind of funny you're obviously passionate about creating stuff for children, but your personal drawing style you've evolved for this tablet drawn blog, especially the coloring and rendering, has such a brutality to it that would seem contrary.

Bitter Animator said...

Yeah, that's true. I guess with my children's work, I channel all my hopes for humanity in there. All the optimism, the idea that we can be much better than we are.

But anything else I do, stuff that isn't for children, well that is fed by the realisation, the disappointment and the anger that we're not even close to being there yet.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I think it's healthy to have that dichotomy in your art.

I read an article last Saturday about a fellow who created an interesting almost-megalithical structure out in the middle of nowhere (here's the article); and apparently the guy does some other work under different aliases, almost as if he suffered from multiple personality disorder.

So although may sound psychologically troubling, it seems to work out just fine for him, since that way he's free to pursue different ideas and obsessions that would otherwise "tarnish" his regular work.