Tuesday, March 11, 2008

As the rage builds

Yesterday's post was written (and drawn) in a very quick angry reaction to what I encountered when I came in. Since then, my rage just built and built.

Thing that pissed me off the most, well, that's in the drawing above.

His workmen, under his supervision, wrecked my stuff. I got almost no work done yesterday as I was consumed by anger. On top of that, other unrelated crap was heaped on yesterday. Not a good day in general.

Today, I am just left with thoughts of revenge.

One tip for company owners and producers: a homicidally pissed-off worker is not a good worker.


Unknown said...

it was Monday yesterday, coincidence?

Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir, I just read what happens. Goddamn contractors! They are the same all over the world!

I've never had a lot of problems (because I found a good company and pay extra to get them to work), but I've had friends houses ruined because of negligent workmen.

Also, the seawall for my city? I have it on good advice that it isn't going to work. Why? Because the managers don't care even more than the workers don't!