Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Why don't you guys buy my show?

I don't get it. Astro Andy's Miserable Life and Hopeful Death on Planet Doom* isn't good enough for your channel? But you'll show Dora? No kid will grow up to be Dora no matter how many Spanish words they learn. There's nothing left to explore for one thing.

But, more importantly, by the time they reach adulthood, any dreams will be completely crushed, their spirit sucked dry and they'll slot nicely into the corporate machine feeding the beast.

And that's the life Astro Andy can prepare them for.

Oh, and it's set in space!

*The new evolution of what was once 'Derek Versus Life', named after this blog's first reader, though of course I don't wish a miserable life or death on you, Andy!


Andy Latham said...

Wow I'm honoured!

Actually you have pretty much nailed my life. It is miserable! Well work is anyway - I can deal with the rest. I can't say I'm looking forward to death though, miserable or otherwise!

growingupartists said...

Dude, I seriously think you've got the next big thing here. If you need someone to validate you, I just may be your gal. I'm all about saving the world through saving our children, and making fun of the blogosphere, and specific bloggers...I'm envisioning "the eternal optimist" to counter your emo complex...or wait, did I read that over at the Bitter Animator's blog. Aw, what's the difference...you guys definitely need to channel some sunshine. Do your wives leave the sugar off your cereals?