Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Ultimate Truth

The internet contains words, thoughts, sounds, images that not just represent our civilisation, they are becoming our new civilisation. Like real life, there are good areas and bad areas. Like real life, corporate control and advertising in an everyday attack. But, unlike real life, you are connected to almost everyone who exists in that world at once. There is almost nobody you can't reach. It is like that one big collective consciousness that I, in part and sort of, believe we'd have already if not for personal greed. But, looking at the internet as a whole, there is something much simpler that gives me no use for my soap box.

If one could tap into every corner of the internet at once, wiring oneself to every bit, every kilowhatever, and be aware of each of those parts at the same time, one could learn the ultimate truth about mankind.

And the internet is blue.

So much blue.

Why so much blue?

I wonder, if we evolved past our human bodies and could be anything we wanted, would we just end up the colour blue? Is that the ultimate truth? We're blue?


Mr. Trombley said...

Dear Sir,

I had always assumed the coloration of the internet was somehow IBM's doing (blue being the traditional IBM coloration), but I suppose your theory also has its merits. More seriously, your statements about the sociological aspects of the internet do strongly match my own ideas.

Also, as to your show, how do you expect to sell a space show with only one planet? I don't think anyone will care whether your show has any actual globe hopping, but one shouldn't advertise the lack of adventure on the cover. Plus, this will prepare children for the endemic feelings of disappointment that the show will actually contain.

Mr. Trombley said...

PS. Here are some nice maps of the internet (they use different schemes to organize) in case you want to actually see it:

Jeaux Janovsky said...

Perhaps we are smurfs. We are all internetized smurfs.
this guy, however, is perhaps so Internet, it hurts.