Saturday, June 13, 2009

Finger painting for the weekend

A little iPod finger painting pic for the weekend.

Some years ago, I decided I wanted to do a road trip. I'd get a large bike, go somewhere like Arizona and just ride wherever the wind took me. Total freedom.

I'd drink in biker bars, sleep in dirty motels and generally slum it.

I am not a man equipped for slumming it, believe me. But something just called to me. This was something I had to do. And I had to do it right then. No waiting. It had to be then.

Of course, that meant getting a license to ride a motorbike.

I got on a motorbike for the first time on a Monday. That Thursday, I failed my test.

That was the end of my road trip.

Now, years later, with a wife and children, having responsibilities that would make it less than convenient to die in a knife fight somewhere near the Mexican border, it's just another item on a long list of things I never did.

But maybe someday.

Maybe, years from now, when (if) I'm actually capable of growing enough facial hair to put together some sort of half-decent biker's beard, maybe I'll take that road trip.

Just ride off into the sunset.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

How about asking someone to join you and rent a motorcycle with a sidecar?

I bet one of those is more stable and easy to manouver than a regular bike. In fact, I'm suspecting right now that's the reason the original Bat-bike had a sidecar ;-)