Monday, June 1, 2009

Sun and iPods

I managed to get sunburn in about the same time it took me to draw this pic on my iPod Touch. Which wasn't long.

I may make the iPod my medium of choice. There are very few artistic methods you can employ as easily doing twosies. Certainly I have found that interpretive dance on the toilet is a bad idea.

Some of you may have heard that the latest cover for the New Yorker was done on an iPhone. Wasn't resolution an issue for print or is there a way of drastically improving resolution of the Brushes App? An interesting move in terms of iPhone art though. As you can see from my little doodle, I haven't quite got the hang of finger painting.

Though it does sort of bring my artistic life full circle.

Hot days here. Hot nights too. And I was thinking, wow, it's warm for this time of year. But, as it happens, this time of year is the summer. How did we get to the summer so quickly? How did that happen? Turn your back for a minute and, next thing you know, it's the bloody summer.

I watched that Britain's Got Talent final. Most of them were actually really good. Stavros Flatley were robbed.


Toole said...

I heard that ugly lady was institutionalized.

Bitter Animator said...

I think if I went from nothing to having the world's press in my face in one night, I could well end up in an institution too. She's exceptionally talented and deserves attention, though nobody deserves the attention of the UK's gutter trash rags. Except maybe Hitler.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Pity she lost. She sings like an angel. But I've heard she's showering in offers right now, so I do hope she gets a really good agent, and a counselor to help her cope with the fame.

Toole said...

She should be a session vocalist. Not every musicalist needs to be a 'star' and she doesn't seem well equipped.