Saturday, June 6, 2009

Weekend iPod Pic Extravaganza!

That image was just one of a whole bunch of doodles I did this week with the Brushes App on my iPod Touch. I haven't yet spent a massive amount of time on one but, in a way, I think that's what I'm enjoying about it. It's sort of having a little sketchpad with me, but one with built-in crayons.

I did a few Astro Andys too and, as it's the weekend and I like to post my Andy at the weekend (yes, I know it's a rare occurrance), here are some of them.

This following one is rather dull. Sort of old and faded.

Here's another.

But this last Andy one, well, it's simple but it's the one where I felt I was beginning to get the hang of this finger painting malarky. Just a little.

So they're the Andy pics. At least, the ones I'm willing to post.

But I'll leave you with one very quick doodle I did while watching a movie. Points will be awarded for correctly guessing the movie.

Have a good weekend all!


susan said...

I love Astro Andy.

Is he ready for the Astro Andy fan club?

Guess on picture- you were watching politics at Parliament again- and saw a picture of QE II in her latest fuchsia hat. What was the old gal thinking!!!!

(Watching politics on TV is a horror show).

james said...

Star Trek, again.

Bitter Animator said...

Not politics and not Star Trek. The guy isn't me. He's a representation of some of the people in the movie.

Red Pill Junkie said...

Nice doodles.

You were watching the latest Wolverine movie, and the audience was all "WTF?? That wasn't how Logan lost his memory!!"