Monday, July 27, 2009

Calm under pressure

Like some sort of defense mechanism - stress-activated narcolepsy. Shame it won't kick in during the night, when I'm actually supposed to be asleep.

It's Monday again? What? How did that happen?

Thing is, the higher up you get in just about any work situation, the more you have to appear energised. Positive. Oh, sure, there are many people in charge who storm around being angry and shouty but those people are dicks and it never works for long. A pissed-off worker has never been a good worker.

Far better that you can inspire people.

In fact, that works in both directions. You can do better by inspiring those above you too. Radiating positive energy, without just being one of those goofy grinning types who look like they have lost all sense of reality. It's an important skill. In normal times, a skill that can help you rise. In recession times, a skill that can help you just survive.

But I'm finding it hard right now. Of course, sitting here listeing to Pink Floyd's 'The Final Cut' isn't going to help. That has got to be one of the most depressing albums ever. Have you noticed that the amount of positive uplifting albums pale in comparison with the amount of miserable depressing albums?

"It's the only connection they feel."


Andy Latham said...

Same with video games. I'd love to spend time playing some cheerful games. However so many of them are dark and gritty. Those games are great, but you can have too much of that kinda thing. I'd like to go into a video game shop, take a photo of the Xbox stand and 'average' it in Photoshop. I'm sure the overall colour would be dark grey/brown.

Don't people like to be entertained in a happy way? Does everything have to be about death and destruction?

susan said...

I think, personally, "The Wall" is more depressing than 'Final Cut'. The most depressing album I ever heard was Lou Reeds' "Berlin". Depressing and most beautiful.

When i worked for my news agency there was a room that had showers and cots to take cat naps on...I had a little blankee and stuffed animal beanie baby and i would go take a snooze.

Of course in a news room 18 hours a day or more are common whe you are working on a story- sometimes you can spend days at the office without going home. Hence the shower, and the cots.

i know after Sept 11 most of us didn't go home for days, or only to collect the mail, and feed the animals.

BTW, if that is you sleeping with eyes open, you are the first male i heard of that does't drool like Homer Simpson in his sleep. MMMM. Drool.

Red Pill Junkie said...

"A pissed-off worker has never been a good worker."


I think dark and gritty entertainment is so successful because a)it makes us feel that our life ain't that bad; and b)we need a little danger once in a while to snap us out of our lethargic (but comfortable) daily routine. Even if that danger is fictional.

Teagle said...

I have to say that this comment doesn't have anything to do with this individual post but it does relate to the whole blog,which in my opinion is actually really good. i don't mean that it is good reading about bad points in your life but i don't know what it is its just..really good.its good to have something which i can kind of relate to "okay im only 16 but still" another point is the illistrations are in my opinion really good , i may not know much about all of this stuff but thank you for this excellent blog and.....thank you again?