Monday, July 20, 2009

The dark side of the moon

I have an old book somewhere called 'Flying Saucers On The Attack'. It's all about UFO sightings and predates the moon landing (whether alleged or otherwise) by several years.

In it, they predict that there could well be a moon landing within something like 20 years (it took far less time than that) but, more importantly, in all seriousness, they predict that life will be found on the dark side of the moon and they could well be greeted by inhabitants when they arrive.

I have often wondered if any reputable scientists or astronomers actually believed that, or even believed that there was a slim chance it could be the case.

Probably not.

Still, would have been cool, eh? Moon men. Yeah, I'd love that.

There's a lot of crap in this world I don't buy. A lot of stuff fed to the masses that stinks of bullshit and just doesn't add up. And there are too many people with too much to lose and so much to gain to make it worth deceiving the world.

But I can also see just how attractive it is to just want to see more in this world than is actually there.

And I want moon men.


susan said...

I would have thought you would want a moon woman!



I would be happy with flying cars and houses like the Jetsons!

As for Martians- well, they already landed here. Practically in my back yard when my dad was a boy.

Red Pill Junkie said...

I've read many things about UFOs. And I have reached a conclusion:

The more I read, the less I understand!

I've read so many books with modern myths of the things the astronauts supposedly saw on the Moon —ancient structures, flying saucers parked just right along them, with tiny aliens taking pictures of the monkey men who had just given their first space baby-steps, etc. I used to believe in all of that; now I've grown much more skeptic.

Although I still think there's a case that we might find some alien artifact on Mars; maybe even on the Moon.

Although maybe it's silly to look for them on the Moon, when those bloody interlopers are always leaving their graffitis on the English countryside ;-)

susan said...

Mr. Red Pill-

Check out my blog. I have a picture of the real thing that landed on the moon- not Neil Armstrong......;-)

I was actually thinking of you when I put it up next to Bitter's cartoon.