Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Oh, and they're not free

Don't for a second fool yourself into thinking these papers are "free". Companies are willing to pay good money (or even dirty money) to advertise in these things. That means your attention has a monetary value. The second you take one of those papers you are paying by giving that attention.

That is a transaction. So you're not handing over money. But your attention is worth more than that to them. That's why they aren't even bothering their asses charging for them.

Realise the value your attention has. Don't just give it away without thinking. It's worth something. You are paying. And if you think advertising has no effect on you or you know enough to make your own decisions, well, that's bollocks. You think these companies are going to sink that much money into something that doesn't work? You think that's how they became so rich?

No. You are influenced by advertising with every choice you make.

Every time you take one of these papers, you are paying.

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