Saturday, January 19, 2008

Almost 300 views unaccounted for... unless...

Who knew that spambots were little egg-shaped things?

Thanks for the comments on the last post! I've ordered that Hanna Barbera Treasury book and am looking forward to it. You know, they should do some sort of ultimate HB collection DVD with everything - Funky Phantom, New Shmoo, Quickdraw McGraw... every single one of them. Or, more realistic, a highlights DVD set that has one select episode from each show. I'd love that. Sure, they're not the best examples of animation out there but, man, I think they were damn entertaining.

I wonder how they paid for that amount of content?

And thanks to Adam H on the 'We The Robots' recommendation. A great site and I really enjoyed trawling through it and imagine I'll be a regular reader from now on.

I must look into getting a counter. Anyone know how I go about performing such hi-tech wizardry?

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