Tuesday, January 8, 2008

You free newspaper guys

You guys have well and truly made my shit list. You're worse than those charity people who mob streets. Don't get in my face in the morning. I'm grumpy enough at that time without being offered 576 free papers on my way to work. You clutter the streets, slow people up who are already slow enough and don't seem to understand that, if I wanted a paper, I could find you. You don't have to push the damn thing in my face.

I hope you all get crabs. Itchy crotches upon you all.


Andy Latham said...

The ones here in Manchester are not as bad as the people collecting for children's charities. Those people make me sick. They leap into your path with a big wide grin on their face, making out they are your best friend in the whole world, trying to chat to you as you attempt to scurry away. I hate them. I hate false happiness.

Bitter Animator said...

I'm with you on that, Andy. I have nothing but respect for many (most) charities but that assault in the street really bugs me. As you say, they hit you with their fake smiles and 'can I have a word?' or some other tactic.

It's slimy.