Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The thing about computers

If you moved your office into a porn shop, how much work do you think you'd get done? Honestly?

None. I'm right, aren't I? How could you with all that porn around begging you to, well, look at it and stuff. Well, stick me at a computer with internet access and it's like dumping me in a porn shop. Productivity drops to zero.

And tissue costs skyrocket.
Well, the current climate being what it is, if I'm to stand a chance of ever getting a show off the ground (and we all know that best case scenario takes that chance just ever so slightly above zero), I have to embrace digital methods. I don't like it (a subject that's been discussed all over many times but I may well give my take on it soon) but it's the reality.
So I guess I may have no choice but to put up with all that fantastic porn.
Oh, if you're wondering why I put dots in between these lines it's because poxy blogger kept joining up the lines and removing my spaces. Why? I have no idea. I'd find out and try to fix it but well... computers...porn... you know.

1 comment:

Trevor Thompson said...

perhaps you should look at cartoon porn to motivate you to keep drawing. i suggest drawing dicks and pussies on the characters until it's time to do pencil tests ( if you still do them, that is ).

then, make with the erasing.

- trevor.