Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fools Day

I guess clowns put on the suit by choice. And think they're funny. So that doesn't really apply.

They're not. Funny, I mean. Clowns.

I was thinking of making something up and posting it as an April Fool thingy. Like I was really Glen Keane or something. But then I thought, wouldn't it be great if this day was used for good news?

Like - "Ha! April Fool! There never was an Iraq War! Totally had you going there didn't I? Yeah, like you totally thought people had died. Man, should have seen your face."

Or - "April Fool! There's no such thing as cancer! We've been hiding those relatives you thought were dead in a nice ski resort! There's no big bad disease to be afraid of, but you thought there was, right? Right?"

That sort of thing. Unfortunately, I can't offer that. I'd love to and I would if I could. But I'm sure there will be some funny stories floating around the internet today. But it has me reminiscing about the days of the mythical Street Fighter 2 Shen Long code that always surfaced on this day many years ago. Those were the days.

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Craig said...

I remember the Shen Long code trick. Those were good times.