Thursday, April 24, 2008

But what am I going home to?

These rejection letters are full of apologies. Apologies for the stock letter. Sorry for the bad news. We regret to inform you... and so on. It's like if you're beating someone over the head with a mallet and you're apologising while doing it - if you really meant it, you'd stop before their head was just a bloody mess at your feet. Then you'd buy them, I don't know, flowers or something. It might have to be something better depending on when you stopped beating them.

Every single one of them has been a stock letter. Actually, I think the number of letters I got so far has already exceeded the number of submissions I made. I think I'm being rejected in advance.

And, yes, some of them didn't even have the decency to write my name on the letter. Re: Your Submission my hole.

I'm such a loser.

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