Monday, January 5, 2009

It's 2009!

Ah, the first working day of 2009. For me, anyway. It's not the way our producer would have it but, hey, I'm starting the year as I mean to continue - doing what will ultimate work better for me.

Yeah, it sounds like I'm starting the year with laziness and I can see how that might appear to be the case but it's not quite like that. I had catching up to do at home, some family time needed and a general stock-take and plan formulation time requirement. Once I get into the thick of work, it sort of sucks much of my mental ability to do that. I need more peace time.

So I took it.

And now it's the Space Year 2009. I'm back at work on a project that is due to finish up quite soon and that's a very good thing. It's a very busy project but it's not all that creatively stimulating. And, as creativity breeds more creativity, that project has had quite a negative effect overall because it has been breeding exactly nothing. So I'm looking forward to saying goodbye to that.

If the project I'm trying to get sorted right now actually happens, that will start not long after. If it doesn't happen, what the hell. Yeah, I have bills to pay and not a huge amount of money to do that with but it could actually be quite a positive kick in the pants. A forced change. Sometimes, I get far too comfortable moving from project to project. I just take what's up next. Having nothing up next and having to sit down and actually find a goal and then go get it could be a very good thing, even if it means some hard times bill-paying-wise.

So I'm not seeing a down-side right now.

It's 2009.

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