Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stress levels increasing

Unfortunately, I don't have narcolepsy. So the stress around here is getting to me. I had this project pegged right from the start - budget was too low for what they were trying to achieve, not enough resources, a producer happy to exist in a state of total denial and the implementation of chaos where there should be systems.

Welcome to animation.

So we're coming close to the end of this godawful project and some people are finally beginning to realise where we're at. Shit is hitting fans all over. Or it would but we only have one fan in here and it's not needed in this weather.

Man, I'm looking forward to getting this thing finished. It's not fun.

And that kind of leads into Sephim's questions in a comment - "What would be your dream project?" and "What kind of project do you dread?". Good questions and ones I'd like to give a bit of time to so I'll save those for another day when my stress levels aren't pushing me to just buy a plane ticket and pissing off somewhere without telling anyone. Somewhere in South America I think.


Harriet said...

That's precisely why I could never have a "real" job. I couldn't deal with that shit. Especially since it's a children's show - what's with all the crap?

Red Pill Junkie said...

"Somewhere in South America I think."

Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, but maybe not what you're looking for; it's too "European-y".

Am I unpatriotic for not encouraging you to come to Mexico? Meh, who gives a shit! Now it's not the best moment to visit, amigo—even though I would love to show you the town ;-)

Hang in there

susan said...

South America is warm right now, supposedly has lovely beaches and topless beaches.

Ah, can I come too? Ij/k)