Friday, January 23, 2009

That lost feeling

I think I just needed a bit of validation with that last post. I can be so needy sometimes. It's rather embarrassing. What would be worse is if that's the wrong number of 'r's and 's's in that word. I think it's two of each. It looks right. I think.

I don't think I can express how much I hate my laptop. It really is a heap of shit. But new ones are expensive. I think I'll go Apple next time. This Vista malarky just isn't for me. But then I'd have to get Mac versions of all my programmes... more expense.

I'm having one of those odd disconnected days. I'm not even 100% certain the question mark in that image is the right way round.




Yeah, it is. Whew.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I would love to get a Mac Book too. But they are even MORE expensive here in Mexico. Fucking NAFTA...

Anyway, you could always consider buying Apple and divide the hard drive in 2: one part would run Windows with the obligatory programs you need to work, and the other on Leopard, for the fun stuff :-)

Andy Latham said...

I think Windows is decent enough (although a bit slow in the case of Vista) but I'm just bored of it. I'd love a Mac, just for the change!

Bitter Animator said...

Well Vista combined with my Vaio laptop just being rubbish (even though it was supposed to be pretty top of the range) is driving me nuts. I have had no end of problems. And Vista seems to hog resources for no apparent reason. I've turned off so many processes and yet still things are churning away.

But I simply can't afford another laptop. I bought this one not long ago and the main reason I went for a high end one was so it would last me.

And those Mac Books are expensive.

If I get rich at some point, I'll buy one. It could happen. I'll marry some rich old woman. Or man. I'm not fussy.

susan said...

I am actually looking and pricing Mac Books, because my old ibook is 5 years old and dying. There are some sales, or buy refurbished at the Mac Store- and if you have a student ID you can get 10 percent off. It doesn't matter who has the student ID... they don't check. It also gives you 10 percent off software and student priced software like Word, Excel, PowerPOint, or Parallels, if you want to run that, and will transfer everything from your PC to your Mac free of charge.

Also if you buy a Mac during August, with the student ID you get a free iPod.

Is it cheaper to buy via the Apple store in the US with the exchange rate, or no? Could you buy a computer and write it off for your taxes if you are using it for work?

I don't know about a rich boyfriend/girlfriend. I've never had one.

Get the Mac. I still use my old Macintosh Performa 575 and it runs wonderful.

Harriet said...

A couple of years ago I bought a Mac. I hated it. I threw it in the trash. I love my Sony Vaio with Vista. Long live microsoft.

Bitter Animator said...

You like your Vaio? Maybe I got a dud...

Harriet said...

I love my vaio, but my husband has one too and his is a dud. It was a lemon right out of the box, but he was too stubborn to return it. It's always crashing and dying.

So, I'd say the vaio's are hit or miss. If you do get one, the minute you find something wrong send it back.