Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day all!

Hope you drunken Irish out there perpetuating the age-old stereotype don't make complete tits of yourselves and embarrass the plain ol' non-drunk Irish who are quite frankly fed up with that stereotype in spite of you all working your hardest to prove it true.

Nobody really believes the thing about the snakes, do they? I wonder if that's recognised by the church. I mean, he is a saint.

And if we can't trust the snake cover-up, what can we trust?

Yes, Paddy's Day is a dark day for truth.


Red Pill Junkie said...

There is a deep respect for the Irish here in Mexico, mainly due for the services that St. Patrick's Battalion gave to the Mexican Army during the American Intervention.

It is sad to read in the newspaper that they are having trouble with Terrorism once again :(

Andy Latham said...

Something shocked me a couple of years ago. My girlfriend came home from work on St David's day, saying noone there had heard of it. She's Welsh and so quite enjoys the day. She said to them "it's the Welsh equivalent of your St George". The reply was....."who?". Baffling.

I don't think St Patrick's day means anything to the English except booze. This country has really gone down hill. They probably think he invented the stuff.

Toole said...

The irish make good housekeepers but keep an eye out on them cause they steal.