Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Piecing myself together again

This was me in work, many months ago. That steam ran out and I had no choice but to keep on going. That's not strength. It's just stupid. I should have demanded a break a long time ago.

Almost a week after finishing work, I'm still not even close to human. Nowhere near it. I'm soooo tired. Every part of me is weak. Exhausted. Is it possible to get a break when you have children? I'm beginning to wonder if I'll ever have energy again or if I'll just collapse and die one day from fatigue. Like maybe Friday.

Blogging will be slow. It's already slow. My morning coffee time before work was my usual blog time. I'm not taking that right now. And my Cintiq is awkward- a big transformer thing, two connections to the computer. It's too much like hard work. The Wacom people should make a self-contained Cintiq. One that is a small enough size and runs Photoshop and some other graphics programmes itself. With maybe a USB or memory card for transferring to a computer later. That way, I could do my little drawings with it on my lap, in front of the telly, while I bitch about how rubbish Battlestar has got. That would be so much easier than the plug and two connections and my endless battle against Vista.

I haven't had a chance to see Watchmen yet. The book meant a huge amount to me as a teen and I want to see the movie but the three hour commitment plus journey time is too much right now. Nah, it will be Saw V on blu-ray for me - guaranteed classic. So I'm rereading Watchmen instead and I'm getting even more from it than I did as a teen. It really is something special.

I thought I was having a heart attack today.

I wasn't.


Red Pill Junkie said...

I saw Watchmen last Friday. I liked it, and here's my review.

As I said in one reply, I wouldn't mind seeing an HBO miniseries that prequeled the events depicted in the novel & the movie. Like how Nite Owl & Rorschach first met and became allies; then one of the commenters pointed out that you can already download on Xbox Live several mini-episodes games, where you can fight hordes of baddies either as Rorschach or Nite Owl... that's DEFINITELY now what I had in mind!

Anonymous said...

If you're not planning on seeing Watchmen anytime soon, you may like this in the meantime...

Humphrey Erm said...

Well, I hope you get better Bitter Animator, and I hope that the show turns out to be a hit :)

The Watchmen movie was great, but you have to be prepared about the changes in the ending. I think thats worth being prepared for and not a spoiler, since I was immensely disappointed in it. However, it really felt like Watchmen in motion, though I still think the comic is better. I'm going to get Tales of the Black Freighter on DVD to supplement the Watchmen experience, as well as the "Under the Hood" documentary.

And sephim, that is really good! I thought it was real the first time through, until I figured they wouldn't mention cancer in a kids show intro...

Bitter Animator said...

That's really well done. They should make that for real. Watch out!

Well, I'm going to see the movie tomorrow so have held off on reading your review, RPJ. Man, I hope it's good!

Red Pill Junkie said...

Oh don't worry! I didn't spill the beans; but be certain the review will still be there by the time you finish seeing the film ;-)

Enjoy the movie for what it is.