Friday, March 20, 2009

Here I go

Ugh... I don't even have interesting life crises. No, just the plain ol' usual ones that people are long bored of.

Was it Watchmen? Did Watchmen have me count the years back to when I first read it, not as a tiny child but as a young man? Twenty years ago. I wasn't even sure I'd even live to be twenty.

I did though. And then I lived to be thirty in a ridiculously short space of time. I mean, some say it was ten years but, no, it was much shorter than that. I'm now plummetting towards forty. Not long now.

Not long now.

I haven't yet changed the world. Made it a better place. Maybe next year. First, I've got to write this poxy script.


Red Pill Junkie said...

The guy who played Nite Owl is my age. So it would seem I have only 4 years to conquer the world :-/

The only good thing about my line of work(Architecture/Interior Design) is that you're not supposed to get any good until you're over 50. Frank Lloyd Wright began to do his most interesting work on his seventies; and Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, who almost single-handedly invented the modern urban landscape of his country, is over 100 years old, an still productive!

There are two kinds of artists/innovators: The Picassos (boy prodigies who reach the pinnacle of their talent and success in their youth); and the Cezannes (late achievers, who gradually reach their pinnacle through slow experimentation).

So I wasn't a Picasso. So fucking what. I will settle with becoming a Cezanne :)

Andy Latham said...

I'm stampeding through my 20s at a disturbing speed, so god knows what my 30s will be like if it's as short as people say! I want to move to the US or Canada one day and that becomes a lot harder when you hit 30. Why 30? It really feels like a Logan's Run situation.

What's worse is you hear of people doing great things at such early ages. Why is such a difficult thing to think "good for you"?! ;)