Thursday, March 26, 2009


I'm away at the moment. In a whole other time zone, both physically and mentally. I've just had some beers in a tiny pub that apparently has been unchanged for over 40 years. Looking at it, I'd say longer. A shouty musician with an accordian topped off the whole experience. I thought he rocked. I am so going to learn the accordian. Or accordion. Whichever one is spelled correctly. I guess I could do a spell check but, jeez, I'm on holiday. Give me a break.

The poor ol' blog has been crying out for posts though and I don't even have my Wacom with me. So I dug out this old image I did a looooong time ago that I don't think I posted for whatever reason. I don't even remember the context, if there was any.

I was once in an apartment building years ago and one Sunday morning, the neighbours beside me were having very noisy screamy sex. And the neighbours above me. And below me. All at the same time. It was like surround sound. I wonder if everyone in the building all set a time and they just forgot to tell me?

Other things neighbours like to do include painting my side of the fence and hammering at weird times. In fact the guy next door to me (at home, not here) seems to have DIY going all year for the last four years. And the houses are tiny. There's no way there is enough work to keep him busy. I'm almost certain now that he's carving up bodies and burying them in his floorboards. I'm going to end up being that guy interviewed saying, "Well, he kept to himself mostly. A bit of a loner." Thing is, he is. I've never seen anyone else ever go inside his house.

When I get home, I think I might call the police.

I've managed to start writing. That's good.

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Red Pill Junkie said...

Good thing to read you're taking a break and re-charging the batteries :)

3 years ago we designed and built an apartment building here in the city. It was very moderns and minimalistic—as everything we do around here in fact—with blue-tinted glass in the main facade that gave pretty of light to the rooms.

Problem is that:

a)Not only light, but also heat came in the rooms. If you didn't have the A/C cranked up in the summer, your brains would melt.

b)The design of the facade didn't permit an adequate sound insulation, which had to be fixed later. But in the meantime one of the tenants gave us a call, and I chatted with him about how the apartment on top of his was owned by a couple of lesbians, and that he had to put up not only with the noisy cat fights during the day, but also the even noisier orgasmic screams during the night.

It was a bit of a problem when his parents came to visit ;-)