Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bits and pieces

The writer's strike is finally over. Yay. Anyone know how it turned out for animation writers? I've been hearing odd rumours. (Looking into this since this morning reveals that many animation writers are not covered by the WGA, though some are. Some seem to reckon the WGA is trying to exclude animation writers while others claim the opposite. Sounds messy.)

Kidscreen is on at the moment. I'm not at it. I'm here instead.

Here's one that pisses me off - iTunes was meant to carry the shorts from the Sundance programme on their service. Well, it has deemed two animated shorts 'too explicit and too political' and has refused to offer them. They may as well say they aren't carrying any content that might actually provoke some sort of neurological response. Pacify the people, iTunes. Pacify them.

More: I put a counter at the bottom yesterday evening but I now suspect it is full of shit. There is no way in hell over 100 people have been here since then. It's Pinnochio. Or Clinton after his blowjob.

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