Friday, February 1, 2008

Flash as its own form

There is also the argument that Flash is simply another form of animation, like stop-motion or cut-out or whatever and should be taken on its own with its own positives and negatives.

This is a view I would be inclined to support. After all, you can't get the same things in cut-out animation that you can get from traditional hand-drawn animation but that doesn't mean cut-out animation doesn't have merit or isn't valid. Cut-out animation brings its own character and can be really entertaining - just look at Terry Gilliam's Monty Python work.

Similarly, Flash has its own limits and should be taken on its own... right?

Well, the problem here is that Flash is being used as a direct replacement for 2D. It's faux 2D. If anything, a huge amount of studios using Flash are trying to fool you into thinking it's not Flash because Flash was a dirty word for a while in the industry - not so much now. If Flash is being used as faux 2D, then it should stand up to direct comparisons.

But it doesn't.


Andy Latham said...

I think in some places Flash still is a dirty word. I wonder what proportion of Flash animators feel like they are "proper" animators?

I have to use Anime Studio, but it may as well be Flash. It's the same principle. The thing is that I feel terrible for using it. I know I have no choice since it's my first animation job, but I wouldn't show anyone I know my work because I'm too embarrassed about it! My work colleagues all feel the same too.

Toole said...

I don't think Flash should be considered it's own medium as cut out would be, because I believe once you get onto the digital realm you are free of the kind of physical constraints of real media, and it's more or less the digital medium. Flash is at the time one aspect of digital medium, a shitty peice of software that changes every year and may not be around in a decade.

But I think if you just consider the digital medium as a whole, that is independant of Adobe or whatever. That is just a medium that will evolve over time, is not reliant on one group of toolmakers(anyone can try to create software, just like they can try to engineer ways of working with various real mediums)

I think because you can, and I do, cross between Flash and Photoshop and Mirage and even Moho, much more naturally than you would traditional and cut out, it should be sort of considered one thing. If you combine cut out and stop motion you are thinking about it, on the computer I know I just found myself doing it naturally as I felt like these awkward incomplete tools needed to compliment each other. As far as more or less 2D goes, it's all The Computer to me.