Friday, February 8, 2008

Derek Versus Dad

Gah, blogger hates this format. Ah well, not to worry.
So I was thinking about Derek Versus Life. The thing is, with kids, most of the problems come from parents. All those scary-ass real life things are filtered through in the form of the craziness of your parents.

So here, for example, Derek doesn't know that his dad is worried about losing his job, has a slight alcohol problem, is tortured every day by feelings that what is going on in Gitmo is wrong, is afraid of pedophiles getting to his kid, wishes he could ask his missus for all that kinky stuff he actually wants to do, wonders if he could have made a go of that band he was in once and so on.

All Derek knows is that there are no hard and fast rules on how his dad will react. He's a crazy bastard. And that's how kids see the problems in the world I think.

But you can't really make a kid's cartoon about that, can you? Really? Wouldn't that make for a generation of messed-up kids? Possibly. Maybe the truth would make that craziness easier to handle but I doubt it. Could make a funny theraputic show for adults though. I don't know. Would be nice to make a show based on the truth about being a kid.

Besides, nobody would air this. Although, that said, channels air Barney and I think that show is an attack by the US on the rest of the world. It's worse than having the US bring democracy to your country. No offense to people in the US of course. Unless you're responsible for Barney, in which case I wish you all the offense I could possibly muster. Maybe some crazy loons would air Derek Versus Life. But I'd have to work on the look to make it more like other cartoons out there.

And maybe make him a cosmic explorer or something.

Time for a rethink maybe.


Mitch Leeuwe said...

I like the drawings. Maybe it should be more over the top? So you don't would it take so serious, or do you want it to be serious?

Congrats with youre mention about youre blog on cold hard flash :p
You really should get a counter ;)

Krystal said...

You joking? I would totally watch this, and so would everyone I know.

I know you hate to hear this, but it -would- be perfect for Flash! At least as something you could produce entirely on your own.