Saturday, February 9, 2008

I know I said I was done...

I mentioned this in a comment to Ron and thought I should share it.

In the studio I'm in right now, the producer is always talking to people, companies, whoever, about new projects. So, on a regular basis, he comes to us with some visual reference (usually painted children's books, or beautiful illustrations) and shows them to us to find out what we think.

Without fail, the words that come out of his mouth are, "I was thinking maybe...", and somewhere in there he adds a pause to show he really is thinking about it, "thinking the look would be perfect for Flash."

The look. Perfect for Flash.

No matter what the hell he's showing us. It could be anything. An ink illustration - perfect for Flash. A children's book - perfect for Flash. A video of two donkeys having sex - perfect for Flash.

Every single thing on this planet is perfect for Flash. Oh, but not because it's cheaper and that's where he can make bigger margins. No, it's because the look would work best in Flash.

Okay, I'm definitely done with Flash for the moment. Honest.


Mitch Leeuwe said...

It would be cool if we see some flash cartoons in the style of "Close But No Cigar" from John K.

I would like to work on something like that! And I wouldn't botter it would be in flash.

murrayb said...

heheh, Renoir in flash.Painted cut outs can look pretty horrid:
fairy Folio
but if its done in a stylish way:
telltale heart
Not good for a kiddie cartoon at any rate.

TPD said...

Flash,....BAHHHH! I've decided to go back to pen, brush and paper and I'm also going to take a class in animation to truly understand the process. I have always felt Flash to be a programmer's application "that happens to be able to handle some animation" rather than an animation program "that happens to be able to program". I have no issues with people using whatever they want for animation as I was raised on HB toons (the 60's) and love that style over even the classic Disney stuff. I just hate Flash's limted drawing tools and it just frustrates me to work in it. It's a personal thing with me.

Matt Buck said...

Great post

Bitter Animator said...

Murray, I only just got around to watching that TellTale Heart animation. Very nicely done. More about the drawings than the animation but that doesn't really matter as it's all about getting the mood across and it does that really well.

Thanks for the link!